2018 – 2019 TCEVHA Board of Directors First Team Building

The first team building workshop of the 2018-2019 Board of Directors of the Town and Country Executive Village Homeowners Association in Antipolo Rizal. Team building facilitator is Jesus “Nonong ” Noriega from PLDT& SMART.


  1. To foster camaraderie, friendship, and good vibes among ng the board of Directors despite differences in character, opinion, and well-being.
  2. To unify the Board of Directors esp with respect to work ethics, professionalism, and hospitality towards each other.
  3. To understand each other’s differences in character and upbringing by learning to accept faults and misbehavior with resolve to help each other grow more effectively.
  4. To help each  other build a team which we as officers in particular and the homeowners in general, will look up to as good role models in bringing out the good and the best in our service to the Community
  5. To firm up our plans for the rest of the year and significantly achieve our programmed goals for our term of service and leave a worthwhile legacy to the future leaders of our Community.


  1. Male, -9.  Female, -6
  2. Senior.  Male -8 Female  5
  3. Below Senior. M-1.  F-1
  4. Working 3.
  5. Retired with small business -12
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