In line with our mandate to improve the security of the village premises for the benefit of our homeowners, your Board consulted with security experts to integrate the use of technology to improve security. On the basis of these consultations, your Board decided to install an Integrated Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) at the entrance and exit of our village premises.


The RFID System is a method of remotely storing and retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or stickers that are attached to the vehicle. The adhesive sticker will be used for vehicle identity, security, and access to and from TCEV premises.

The tag will be attached inside the vehicle windshield and once the RFID-enabled vehicle comes close to the vehicle barriers at the gate entrance and exit, the vehicle is electronically verified and once authenticated; the automated barriers will allow access.




The RFID Vehicle Access System provides efficient and fast vehicle entry. RFID stickers provide greater security since they cannot be replicated. The Security guards at the entrance gate will be able to focus more on verifying identities since there is no need to manually operate the gate for homeowners. Due to its efficiency, vehicular traffic and security will improve and thus benefit our homeowners. The system is also cost efficient since this technology will enable the Association to reduce the number of Guards assigned at the Village entrance and exit. Likewise, the new security system will enable the homeowners to view their guests and visitors online through their mobile phones, tablets or computers prior to their entry to the village premises.

Process, Timelines and Pricing The Association will install the RFID Tags starting September 1, 2015. It is expected that all homeowners will have their motor vehicles brought to the Clubhouse for RFID Tagging. This will be installed for FREE for those Homeowners who have already the 2015 TCEVHA Stickers. The RFID System will be fully operational and implemented by October 1, 2015. Please see attached schedule of implementation. Homeowners who fail to have their vehicles tagged by this date would have to enter and exit the Village premises using the visitor’s ingress and egress points.

In line with the implementation of the RFID System, the TCEVHA Homeowner Vehicle sticker will be replaced by a new TCEVHA Homeowner sticker. These new stickers will be used perpetually and there is no need to replace them every year unless damaged. The New TCEVHA Stickers will be made available starting November 1, 2015. Homeowners will only need to renew their access to the RFID at a minimal cost All access to RFID will be disabled starting January 1, 2016 for those who have not installed the new TCEVHA Homeowner stickers in their motor vehicles.

The pricing for the New TCEVHA Homeowner stickers as well as the 2016 TCEVHA guests/visitors stickers are provided below for your reference Homeowner –

(NEW TCEVHA Perpetual Sticker with RFID Tag) 

Private Vehicle – Php.380.00

Commercial Vehicle – Php.620.00

Truck/Van – (Six Wheeler to Ten Wheeler) – Php.1, 000.00

Guest/Visitor (2016 TCEVHA Sticker Only)

Private Vehicle – Php.380.00

Commercial Vehicle – Php. 650.00

We wish your full support and cooperation for the successful implementation of this

project. For clarifications, please get in touch with our Village Administrator.