MWCI and TCEVHA Actual Water Billing Computation


From the start, Town and Country Executive Village has been using a single meter (mother meter) for the whole village to determine the water bills. Due to this, whenever there are system losses or discrepancies in reading between the mother meter and individual homeowner’s meters, the costs brought about by this is also being shouldered by every homeowner. On the month of January 2014, a total of 14, 332 cubic meters were accounted for system loss due to leakage, broken meters and the like. So in order to pay the actual costs billed by Manila Water Company Incorporated, the rate per cubic meter must be increased. The actual rate per cubic  meter after tax from Manila Water is 24.97 Php. However, due to the added costs brought by the system loss, every household has paid 31.86 Php per cubic meter, and that is why the new Board has made is as one of their objective to decrease the costs of water bills by every homeowner.

The administration team led by Director Antenor Santos, conducted a repair and maintenance procedure to fix broken meters and leakages. Due to this initiative, the costs of the system loss decreased from 21.63% to 15.82% (14,332 cubic meters to 9,737 cubic meters). Following the situation mentioned above, the rate per cubic meter per household should decrease, however last February 8, 2014 during one  of our Board meetings, a letter resurfaced that was addressed to the previous Board of Directors dated December 12, 2013 and it was received by one of the TCEV staff on December 16, 2013 from Manila Water Company Inc. stating that based on the MWSS Regulatory Implementing Rules and Regulation that they imposed the rate code reclassification of subdivision / villages from residential rate to semi-business rate effective January 2014 therefore, increasing the rate per cubic meter per household last February 2014. If not implemented, the rate per cubic meter per household should be 30.21 php however since the implementation, the rate changed to 32.98 php. The New Board immediately asked a meeting with Manila Water Regional Branch office and asked about this matter and they said that there is no way they can reverse the implementation since other villages and subdivisions have already complied with the said changes under the MWSS Implementing Rules and Regulation.

Recently, the Board is looking for other ways to reduce the water bills. One of the options is to have an individual meter thought Manila Water via MOA Provision between TCEV Homeowners and Manila Water Company. Inc. in which each household has to pay a certain amount payable in 24 months for re-piping purposes. Another option is the Subdivision Turnover to the Local Government Unit in which we will donate all the road  lots and open spaces to the LGU resulting in our village to become an open community. In this option, we will no longer need to pay for the re-piping purposes. The only thing we have to pay for is the connection fee and guarantee deposit that amounts to 8266.30 Php per household. However, the majority of the Board thinks that the Subdivision turnover option is disadvantages because if the village becomes an open community, the security of our village would be compromised.

The Board will not make any decisions without consulting the homeowners therefore; we will having a referendum regarding this matter soon. Homeowners can choose between 3 possible options: first, retain the current water billing system; second, turnover to Manila  Water Company Inc. in which we have to pay for the re-piping purposes and; third, the Subdivision Turnover to the LGU in which we have to donate our village’s exclusivity. We hope that we can hear each homeowner’s views and choice regarding this urgent matter. We hope for everyone’s cooperation and participation.