[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]The following security guidelines are hereby promulgated pursuant to the instructions of the Board as a contained in Board Resolution no. 003-14.


a)       All Drivers, House helpers, Construction workers and other individuals (“workers”) of similar standing are required to secure Identification Cards from the Association. Identification Cards shall be issued upon payment of a nominal fee and submission of certain requirements that would ensure the safety of Homeowners. The requirements shall include a letter of endorsement (sample is attached as Annex “A”) from the lot owner  or homeowner undertaking the construction word or project or employing or engaging the services of drivers, house helpers or others similarly situated. Except for construction workers whose identification cards should be renewed monthly, the identification cards of all other individuals mentioned in this item shall be renewed annually. For 2014, the deadline for renewal shall be until February 15, 2014. Workers are advised to visit the Association’s office for the renewal requirements.

b)       The workers are required to wear their identification cards upon entering the village premises and the same shall be worn at all times while inside the village jurisdiction. Workers without identification cards shall not be allowed entry into the subdivision premises except upon acceptable written justification of the homeowner or lot owner under whom this worker is providing service. The Association looks forward to the cooperation of homeowners and discourages acts that would circumvent this requirement.

c)        Workers are required to remove their caps, hoods, bonnets upon entering the pedestrian gate for security purposes.

d)       Non-resident pedestrians (“non-resident”) entering the subdivision shall be required to register and log-in/log-out in the Security Logbook upon entering and leaving the village. They shall be required to leave an identification card with photo at the guardhouse which they will collect upon leaving the village premises. The non-resident shall be provided with a village identification card which shall be worn inside the village. The non-resident may be excused from the foregoing requirements if the homeowner would advise the guardhouse beforehand that he is expecting the non-resident/s and provide the names of his visitors to the guard on duty.

e)       Homeowners are likewise encouraged to advise the Association if they desire to be informed before their non-resident/s visitor will be allowed entry into the village. In such case, homeowners are advised to provide their village address, landline and complete names to the Association. Attached is a form (Annex “B”) which the homeowner may accomplish in this regard. The personal details of the homeowner shall be treated by the Association with confidentiality.

f)        Homeowners are encouraged to secure their free identification cards from the Association. It is recommended that homeowners shall carry with them these identification cards for identification purposes.  A homeowner who is not familiar to the security guard on duty and who cannot present the association’s identification card may be required to present a government issued identification card prior to entering the village premises. While this may cause inconvenience, this will prevent malefactors from posing or representing themselves as homeowners and enter the village premises to commit illicit acts.



a.)      All residents of the village are required to secure and pay for the annual TCEV car stickers for their

Vehicle/s, including motorcycles used, driven, parked or otherwise entering the subdivision. Lessees/renters must submit proof of lease acceptable to the Association. Caretakers must submit a written endorsement from the owner concerned. The endorsement must contain a statement on the nature of relationship and the  specific  reason for the request.

b.)      Commercial vehicles of non-homeowners may be issued vehicle stickers upon written endorsement of the owner, in addition to conditions that may be imposed by the Association from time to time to ensure safety within Village premises

c.)      Relatives of homeowners may be issued vehicle stickers upon written endorsement of the homeowner concerned. Said endorsement should contain a statement on the nature of relationship and the specific reason for the request.

d.)      The color-colored stickers shall be issued based on the classification of the vehicle in the LTO/LTFRB motor vehicle registration.

e.)      In all cases, the original registration papers of the vehicle shall be shown to the Association’s designated Security Guards and/or staff will put the stickers permanently on the front left portion of the vehicles windshield.

f.)       The date of the availability of the vehicle stickers and the last day to avail of the same shall be published in conspicuous places within the village premises annually during the first month of the year.

g.)      Drivers of vehicles desiring to enter the village premises without the current annual TCEV stickers shall be required to surrender a valid government issued identification document with picture, preferably his/her driver’s license, before he/she will allowed entry. The Association strictly adheres to the one-sticker-one-car policy.

h.)      A digital video recorder or surveillance camera has been installed at the Main Gate and is operational on 24/7 basis. Guests are advised to roll down their windows or remove  their helmets for security whenever required



In view of the request of a number of homeowners to help in securing the village premises and due to security manpower constraints, the Association has authorized these homeowners to do patrol volunteer work at critical hours of the day and night. The Association has instituted sufficient controls for this volunteer work. These volunteers will not be paid but reasonable expenses shall be charged to the Association for necessities that will enable these volunteers to function effectively.



a)       The Association is now reviewing the Security Services Contract with the current security services provider. Our review has the primary objective of ensuring maximum security and safety of homeowners and their properties within the village. Homeowners shall be informed of the results of this review.

b)       The Association welcomes any recommendations that will help enhance security within the village premises. Suggestion/Complaints boxes will be installed in the guardhouse where homeowners can drop any suggestions to improve security or comments on the services of security personnel. This will help the Association assess the performance of the existing security services provider.

c)        The association encourages all homeowners to report to the guardhouse/association any unusual incident or suspicious activities or person within the village premises so that this may be acted upon swiftly and effectively.

This guidelines shall take effect starting February 1, 2014.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]