TCEVHA Withdraws Membership with A-Homes

Last 21 June 2014, the TCEVHA Board of Directors unanimously decided to withdraw its membership to the Federation of Subdivision Associations in Antipolo City.
It will be recalled that last 29 March 2014, Dir. Lima Manalang was designated by the Board (BR No. 022 – 14) to represent the Association in the Federation. Thereafter, a Special Board Meeting of the Federation Board of Trustees was held last 07 June 2014 at the TCEVHA Clubhouse. During that meeting, it turned out there was a power struggle among the Board of Trustees. The election of officers was conducted but a member of the BOT questioned the quorum.
Director Lima Manalang after attending another meeting of the A-Homes reported to the TCEVHA Board in session last June 21, 2014 that the squabble for leadership continues. She then proposed to the Board that the Association withdraws its membership from the A-Homes Federation.
The TCEVHA Board unanimously approved to withdraw its membership with the Federation of Subdivision Association in Antipolo City.